Credit Reports, National Criminal & Eviction Record Searches
For Prospective Tenants or Employees. 

Credit Report ~ A complete credit history, FICO score, collections, liens, judgments, and bankruptcies.

Nationwide Criminal Search ~ Our exclusive data base accesses millions of court and corrections records...the free criminal searches on the internet are not safe!

Nationwide Eviction Search ~ We access court records from across the country through our exclusive data base.

Social Security Fraud Detection ~ Verify if a Social Security Number is matched with your applicant and is not associated with any fraudulent activity 

Terrorist Search ~ Including the Office of Foreign Asset Control, FBI’s Most Wanted, US Marshal’s Office, US Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), US Customs, US Secret Service and the Drug Enforcement Agency. 

Sex Offender Search ~ From the largest multi-state sexual predator database available. 

Address History ~ Verify if past addresses connected to a given Social Security Number are associated with fraudulent activity. 

King Background Screening
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